Ford Motor Company’s Crown Victoria, once a staple of the American passion for manifest destiny has evolved/devolved away from the every man; becoming the Interceptor, co-opted by the keepers and movers of the everyman, namely: law enforcement and taxis.

This appropriation of the American dream has taken detours to the ‘hood; used police cars bought at auction by gang and gang affiliates in South Central Los Angeles, as well as by the West Coast punk class, both groups unique interpretations of European exports to the U.S. and both actions an overt commentary on the vessel’s projection of power and persuasiveness.


Renaud Patard, of French extraction, examines the subject of power, its use, its abuse through refinement of its forms. What Patard cleanly posits is the distillation of these symbols; bringing forth the refined and sterilized fear, respect and expectation of the Crown Victoria Interceptor; delivering the promise of power and imposed vulnerability intact for the viewer to feel.


Robert Wysocki december 2010

* * *